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General Interest

Spock and Dracs The Wilderness Weeks
by Ann Dickinson
Extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers. Great reading and all the proceeds go to the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA). The book is entertaining, humorous and heart-warming all at once. If you want something a little bit different to read and experience life through the eyes of a feline, this is the book for you. You can read an extract in the Juiciest Mice section.
Highly recommended!

Spock and Dracs, the Wilderness Revisited
by Ann Dickinson
More extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers. Tireless workers, the boys have written a second book "The Wilderness Revisited, More Extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers". After considerable persuasion (they'd have preferred a lifetimes supply of catnip mice), the talented feline authors have agreed that all the profits from the diaries should go to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), a British veterinary charity. You can read an extract in the Juiciest Mice section.
Highly recommended!

Dancing With Cats
by Burton Silver, Heather Busch (Preface), Shakya Bahrain
With a hey diddle diddle, the creators of Why Cats Paint return with another version of feline (and human) reality. And suffice it to say that in Burton Silver and Heather Busch's hands, Kipling's cat that walked by himself has turned into a deeply co-dependent dervish. Their first book was a brilliant parody of artspeak - Busch's photos of creative felines matched by Silver's text. Their second, Dancing with Cats - an epic three years in the making!--juxtaposes psychological and spiritual mumbo-jumbo with the language of dance criticism. As Silver explores everything from visualisation to mirroring to empathy, Busch is busy with her human-feline pairs. In one sequence, Fred, clad in tabby tights, kitty-cat body paint, and a tanga with a long black tail, leaps about the place with a slightly puzzled pussy: "I share its grace, power, and oneness with the universe. I relate to Fluff and the whole spectrum of feline physicality on a profound level - I even regard birds differently." Truly a joy!
Highly recommended!

Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics
by Heather Busch, Burton Silver
Should the marks a cat makes be treated as art, or are they simply forms of territorial behaviour? This photographic record of cat creativity will intrigue catlovers and art-lovers alike, as it deciphers many heretofore unexplained aspects of cat behaviour which can be found in the familiar context of art. Why Cats Paint is an unprecedented photographic record of cat creativity that will intrigue cat-lovers and art-lovers alike. As far as we know, no theory of feline aesthetics has yet been presented, at least not with such remarkable clarity and thorough documentation.
Highly recommended!

Bad Cats: A Collection of Feline Pranks and Practical Jokes
by Rick Stromoski
They're cute, they're cuddly, they've got attitude! This is a wonderful book of cartoons full of cats with attitude. Absolutely no words in the comic strips are needed to understand exactly what the cat in each comic strip is doing. Rick Stromoski's illustrations are just so funny!
Highly recommended!

Cats in Love
by Suaresm Jean-Claude (Editor), Jean-Claude Suares, Jane Martin
Cats in Love is an exquisite collection of photographs and stories starring lovestruck cats. The feline camaraderie found in this collection contradicts the popular myth that cats are aloof loners. Here felines are shown enjoying the companionship of not only other cats, but also dogs, elephants, mice, and horses. The black and white photographs perfectly capture the spirit of an enamoured cat: the closed eyes, the smiling mouth, and the total and utter submission to another animal or a human. Short, personal narratives accompany the photographs, including Cleveland Amory's tender reflection on his cat Polar Star, "the most all-around loveable cat I have seen in my life." Whether depicting feline friendship with a parrot or a horse, Cats in Love is a wonderful testament to the affectionate nature of cats

Cat Artists & Their Work
by Heather Busch, Burton Silver
In this special collection, selected by the authors of WHY CATS PAINT, we offer several of the most unique examples of cat art and artists in a postcard book, allowing readers to share their discovery with friends.

50 Ways to Train Your Cat
by Sally Franklin
Feline expert Sally Franklin shares secrets gathered from her years of experience working and living with cats - in combination with contributions from leading animal behaviourists and trainers - to show how cats can be trained to do just about anything, from posing for photographs to swimming and retrieving. 56 photos, 16 in colour.

Amazing but True Cat Tales
by Bruce M. Nash
Nash and Zullo's Amazing But True Cat Tales is a celebration of fantastic felines whose antics and adventures will astound and amuse readers. Tells of the lucky cat who plunged out of a 20 story apartment building and walked off with only minor injuries, and many more tales.

The Cat Encyclopedia
by Esther J. J. Verhoef-Verhellen, Esther J. J Verhoef-Verhallen
Fully illustrated throughout, The Cat Encyclopedia provides invaluable advice on the process of selecting a pedigree cat. With a classification system based on physical characteristics, this book contains specific information on each breeds: - history - genetic background - physical appearance - temperament - grooming requirements and much more.

The Everything Cat Book: Everything You Need to Know About Living With Your Favourite Feline Friend. (So Complete You'll Think Your Cat Wrote It)
by Steve Duno
Have you ever wondered how to tempt your finicky cat to eat? And how to put that fat cat on a proper diet? What's the best way to keep kitty from eating your house plants? Should you adopt a mix breed or buy a more expensive pure-bred? Should you declaw your kitty, or not? And what are the top 10 reasons that cats make great pets? You'll find the answers to these and many other perplexing questions in The Everything Cat Book. From practical considerations like choosing a veterinarian and basic firstaid to fascinating cat lore and trivia, The Everything Cat Book offers everything you need to know about living with your favourite feline friend.

The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons
by New Yorker, New Yorker Magazine
Cats and cat owners, cat intelligence (or lack thereof), cat inscrutability, cat arrogance and more are all here as seen through the eyes of some of the funniest cartoonists who have contributed to The New Yorker during its 65 years. Features the works of Charles Addams, Arnie Levin, Lee Lorenz, Helen Hokinson, and others.

The Ultimate Cat Book: A Unique Photographic Guide to More Than 100 International Breeds and Varieties : With Practical Information on Cat Care
by David Taylor
Beautiful and practical, sumptuous and authoritative, The Ultimate Cat Book is an invaluable resource for every cat owner and the perfect gift for every cat lover. More than 750 spectacular full colour photographs bring 100 international varieties of cat breeds to life, showing each type's outstanding characteristics in glorious detail. Plus much more...

Who's Who of Cats
by John R. F. Breen (Editor)
Chunky, warm, funny, compulsively readable, and with a new surprise on every page, Who's Who of Cats introduces America to the cats next door. Adapted from Breen's own Who's Who of Animals, the pet "who's who" featured in The New York Times, USA Today and U.S. News & World Report. This compendium features all the best cat biographies.

Zen for Cats
by Henry Beard
From one of America's best-selling humour writers comes a New Age take on our feline friends that is destined to become a classic. A must for cat owners who yearn to understand the feline psyche, this witty and laugh-out-loud funny book is Henry Beard at his best.

Guide to a Well-Behaved Cat: A Sound Approach to Cat Training
by Phil Maggitti
Cats have an undeserved reputation for doing only what they want to do. Yet our feline friends will obey us if we express our wishes clearly. Now a contributing editor to Cats magazine teaches owners how to communicate with cats, beginning with the premise that understanding must come before training.

277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know : A Cat-Alog of Unusual and Useful Information
by Paulette Cooper
The authors of 277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know bring readers a purrfectly bewitching "cat-alog" of unusual and useful information about cats. Is your cat a nymphomaniac? Getting cat to stop waking you up or scratch the furniture. How to get your cat to love you more. 8 weird things cats eat or lick. Should your cat go on Prozac? Cats who stop using the litter box-- and what to do. Secret signs your cat will attack. 15 things that stop your cat from misbehaving and much more.



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