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I Feel Sick! Health care, vets and alternative medicine.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
by Richard H. Pitcairn, Susan Hubble Pitcairn
A classic natural pet-care book from two celebrated veterinary specialists in chemical-free nutrition, treatment, and natural healing for pets, Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats offers valuable natural and holistic advice on a host of pet topics, including, but not limited to, diet, exercise, environment, coping with a pet's death, and how to care for a sick animal. In addition to their thorough discussion of the above, Richard Pitcairn, D.V.M., and his wife, Susan Hubble Pitcairn, M.S., offer a comprehensive "quick reference" section on animal illnesses, organized alphabetically and including a brief description of each illness, preventative measures that may be taken, and holistic and natural treatment options for both dogs and cats--treatments that should always be discussed with one's vet before being used. Occasional line drawings, informative graphs, and the Pitcairn's intelligent prose make this guide a must-have for pet owners interested in a natural lifestyle for their pets.
Highly recommended!

All My Patients Are Under the Bed
by Louis J. Camuti, Marilyn Frankel (Contributor), Haskel Frankel (Contributor)
Doctor Louis Camuti tended an amazing variety of cats in New York City, owned by a more amazing variety of famous artists, authors, Broadway and motion picture stars, producers, and executives. His insight into the owners is sometimes juicier than his insight into their cats (which is considerable). Along the way, he tells us useful facts. Cats are not fussy eaters, for example. They just try to outfox their owners into paying a fortune for fancy food. It's a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing book.
Highly recommended!

Complete Illustrated Guide to Cat Care
by A. T. B. Edney, Bruce Know Your Cat Fogle
This comprehensive guide provides practical information in order to help you know your cat. Internationally renowned veterinarian Bruce Fogle gives in-depth advice and insight into these animals' physical and psychological well-being. Topics include routine care, grooming, handling, breeding, training, emergency first aid, travelling with your pet, and communicating with your cat. Over 500 color photos and illustrations accompany the clear and informative text.

The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners
by Anitra Frazier, Norma Eckroate
Why won't your cat use the scratching post... or the litter box? Are commercial cat foods OK to feed your pet? Can you change scratching and biting behaviour? This revised and expanded edition of the classic handbook on cat care gives you honest, sensible answers. Includes solutions to common problems, holistic care of your cat, grooming tips, vets and vet care and an encyclopedia of over 40 common feline health problems.

Cat Care, Naturally: Celeste Yarnall's Complete Guide to Holistic Health Care for Cats
by Celeste Yarnall
The idea of healing a cat with crystal therapy, energy medicine, and astromedicine will seem bizarre and even ridiculous to many pet owners. Yet the natural approach to cat well-being--a system relying less on chemical treatments and more on the body's own healing power--is gaining in popularity. Celeste Yarnall's Cat Care, Naturally enlightens owners about the field of feline holistic medicine. The author stresses that the book is not intended as a replacement for accepted veterinary medicine--and a professional should always be consulted before administering alternative treatments. Holistic medicine treats a cat as a "a unique individual, a perfect living thing."

Help!: The Quick Guide to First Aid for Your Cat
by Michelle Bamberger
Everyone from the cat owner to the cattery proprietor and professional will find valuable information in this handy take-along guide that provides vital, easy-to-find help in an emergency when time is shortest. The text clear and understandable and the drawings are excellent.

Cat Massage: A Whiskers-To-Tail Guide to Your Cat's Ultimate Petting Experience
by Maryjean Ballner
Skillfully administered massage provides sublime relaxation and the feeling of intense well-being - for your cat! Cat Massage is recognized by veterinarians as an essential form of pet care providing relaxation to tense, overworked muscles; improved strength, coordination, and circulation; flexibility to stiff joints; ease and cooperation in grooming and when visiting the vet; and a trusting, loving bond between you and your cat. But, most important, it just feels good.

Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by Delbert G. Carlson, James M. Giffin, Lisa Carlson, Liisa Carlson
Every cat owner will find valuable guidance for all aspects of feline care, from day-to-day care to handling emergencies, in this clearly written reference. Organised by signs and symptoms, it also includes information on feeding and nutrition, medications, pregnancy, and a special section on training.

The Cornell Book of Cats: A Comprehensive and Authoritative Medical Reference for Every Cat and Kitten
by Mordecai Siegal (Editor), James R. Richards (Editor)
The Cornell Book of Cats is an inexhaustible source of current medical information that covers the whole range of feline health, including how to understand, identify, and correct a cat's behavior problems: guidelines, for selecting a breed: nutrition, with instructions on how to properly feed a kitten or an adult cat, an obese cat, a sick cat, or an aging cat. There are also descriptions and photographs of forty-one breeds accepted by the leading national cat associations. In addition, The Cornell Book of Cats outlines first-aid measures that should be taken before an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Also, you'll find step-by-step instructions on in-home follow-up medical care.

Catlopaedia: A Complete Guide to Cat Care
by J. M. Evans, Kay White
Well organized, the book delves into the basics for all normal aspects of good management, like feeding, housetraining and health care. The text features instructional and question-and-answer sections. The charts and diagrams enhance the readers understanding of Fluffys or Tuffys normal behavior, how to keep pets healthy and how to recognize any problems. There is sensible advice on breeding, veterinarian relations and getting the most out of living happily with a pet. The very detailed, yet easy to use text is enhanced by numerous excellent serious drawings and charming cartoons. Catlopaedia can make every reader a better-informed pet owner ready for anything. J.M. Evans is a world-renowned veterinarian who has helped develop many important pet care

We're Having a Kitten!: From the Big Decision Through the Crucial First Year
by Eric Swanson, Bob Dombrowski (Illustrator)
Choosing a kitten is a lot of fun, but it's also an important decision. This unique guide shows you how to select the breed which most perfectly matches your personality and environment. Seeking a laid-back, comforting friend? Persians and Scottish folds are renowned for their loving, gentle dispositions. Need a cat with social skills? A Ragdoll will greet guests at the door, and a Bombay will happily perform tricks for company. Looking for dog-like friendliness ? A Colorpoint shorthair or Havana brown will lavish you with the unbounded affection of a loyal lap dog. Active and energetic? You'll enjoy the boundless curiosity and daredevil antics of a Somali or Himalayan/Kashmir.

The Well Cat Book: The Classic Comprehensive Handbook of Cat Care
by Terri McGinnis
With new illustrations and clear, step-by-step advice on preventing health problems, treating injuries, diagnosing illnesses, and training, this newly updated edition is an unparalleled resource for today's cat owner. Featuring sections on daily care, preventive medicine, and training, The Well Cat Book teaches cat owners how to detect signs of illness, diagnose problems, and begin home treatment thereby avoiding expensive and often unnecessary trips to the vet. Includes over 100 illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Keep Your Cat Healthy the Natural Way
by Pat Lazarus
A previously published bestselling guide to alternative medicine for both cats and dogs, this newly updated version focuses on felines alone and incorporates the most recent findings in holistic veterinary medicine. Drawing on the extensive experience of many American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association members, author Pat Lazarus offers invaluable information on herbology, acupressure, chiropractic care, vitamins, and diet--all treatments that should be discussed with one's vet before being administered--as well as a useful directory to holistic veterinarians across the United States. Informative sidebars, inspiring case histories, and Lazarus's straightforward approach make Keep Your Cat Healthy the Natural Way the perfect book for owners interested in caring for their cats naturally.



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