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Everything Here Is Mine: An Unhelpful Guide to Cat Behaviour
by Nicole Hollander, Nicole Holander
Cat tales take on a whole new twist when cult cartoonist Nicole Hollander analyzes felines in her latest outing: a delightfully "amewsing" volume of essays, quizzes and cartoons. Features the Cat Lady (an equivalent to Ann Landers), fascinating cat quizzes, and of course, those side-splitting cartoons, as well as essays on the origin of cats, toilet training, and cat health.
Highly recommended!

Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse
by Henry Beard, Gary Zamchick (Illustrator)
Even if you don't like cats - or poetry, you'll be tickled by the contents of Henry Beard's Poetry for Cats. Beard has already demonstrated his command of French in previous books, French for Cats and Advanced French for Exceptional Cats. Now he shows off his extraordinary skills as a parodist. Consider, for example, "Grendel's Dog," from "Beocat":

. . . Then boasted Beocat, noble battle-kitten,
      Bane of barrow-bunnies, bold seeker of nest-booty:

Highly recommended!

Spock and Dracs, the Wilderness Revisited
by Ann Dickinson
More extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers. Tireless workers, the boys have written a second book "The Wilderness Revisited, More Extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers". After considerable persuasion (they'd have preferred a lifetimes supply of catnip mice), the talented feline authors have agreed that all the profits from the diaries should go to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), a British veterinary charity. You can read an extract in the Juiciest Mice section.
Highly recommended!

Cleveland Armory's Compleat Cat: The Cat Who Came for Christmas, The Cat and the Curmudgeon, The Best Cat Ever
by Cleveland Amory
Cleveland Amory's three classic cat stories have been compiled for the first time into one edition, The Compleat Cat, an enchanting, moving, and humorous collection. A self-confessed curmudgeon and dog lover firmly established in his ways, Cleveland Amory never anticipated how one dirty and scrawny alley cat could affect his life so dramatically. Underneath the New York grime of this hungry stray hid a shimmering white coat and an endearing pair of green eyes; Amory was smitten, and Polar Bear moved right in.

A Cat Abroad: The Further Adventures of Norton, the Cat Who Went to Paris, and His Human
by Peter Gethers
Further engaging tales from Gethers (The Cat Who Went to Paris, 1991, etc.) about travels and adventures with his worldly Scottish Fold cat, Norton. When Gethers (expublisher of Villard Books) decides to leave New York and the pressurized corporate world for life in a 300 year old house in the south of France, his closest companions - girlfriend Janis and feline Norton, waste no time in packing their bags. And so begins a year long odyssey abroad, where the threesome quickly become immersed in the French way of life.

Cat Tales: Classic Stories from Favorite Writers
by Robin Upward (Photographer)
A cat lover's anthology presents a host of favourite feline tales, including Lewis Carroll's "The Cheshire Cat," "The Long Cat" by Colette, "Puss in Boots" by Charles Perrault, and Anton Chekov's "Who Is to Blame?" - all accompanied by full-colour photographs.

My Cat Spit McGee
by Willie Morris
The former editor in chief of Harper's magazine follows his 1995 boy-and-his-dog memoir, My Dog Skip, with an equally moving account of the cat he owned in adulthood, who traveled under the name Spit McGee. Of course, one does not "own" a cat, and Morris "owns up" to that fact as well as the fact that until he fell under the spell of Spit McGee, he did not consider himself a cat person in the least. But it was Morris "who actually delivered him at birth, and [has] saved his life four times." Now Spit is eight years old, and he and Morris are pretty tight. Morris talks about the entire story of their association and muses over typical feline traits, such as their dining habits and their adoration of new things to explore, and he makes general comments on feline-human history. Like the previous book about his dog, this one is particularly poignant without being maudlin. You've read pet books before but never one as meaningfully or even beautifully written as this one and its predecessor.

Cat Who Went to Paris
by Peter Gethers
At one time, publisher and author Peter Gethers was a confirmed cat hater. That changed when a Scottish Fold kitten named Norton entered his life. When Gethers opened his heart to the feisty grey feline, he learned a thing or two about himself and he and his new companion soon became inseparable.

Historical Cats
by Peter Gethers, Peter Getners, Norman Stiles
In the tradition of French for Cats, Norton, star of The Cat Who Went to Paris, journeys back in time to portray some of history's funniest felines, including Nathan Hale's cat, who had but "nine" lives to give for his country, and Marie Antoinette's cat, who said, "Let them eat dry food." Fully illustrated, Historical Cats is truly an irresistible collection of hysterical cats.



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